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Welcome to chilirush, and this is a blog about everything food. We are a group of enthusiasts and food lovers  sharing our adventures as  long-term expats, living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Join us on our journey as we try to comprehend the wild and wonderful way of life and food.

Blog posts are decidedly based on our research, learnings and experiences and a mixture of local adventure, exotic travel experiences, foodie fun, and expat musings.

We also run a restaurant discovery service called koottan.com in Kerala (India), Goa (India), Dubai (UAE) and Tanzania.


We love working with brands, but we only share places and products relevant to our readers and that we are passionate about. We review candidly and honestly unaffected by origin, and any items sent or invites issued are clearly identified within the post.

We enjoy working with brands and will happily consider sponsored posts. Just send us a line to chili@bigmints.com.

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