Ripe Banana vs Plantain?

Did you know that the nutritional value of food changes as they mature? Banana is one of the most valuable and nutritious food in the world.

The banana is special because it is the most calorie food that exists after the avocado. They are rich in carbohydrates and athletes often use it to recuperate quickly.

Moderate consumption of banana is highly recommended for balanced diets. Despite their high sugar content, it contains only fat and is high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, especially potassium latter.

But ... What is the difference between a green plantain and other mature? In the amount of carbohydrates containing a green bananas are approximately 80% starch and 7% sucrose. This high starch content is very interesting for your body because it is beneficial to lower cholesterol levels in the blood and blood sugar control.

As the starch is converted to sugar and banana flavor matures obviously be sweetened. When the crop is mature, containing 90% sucrose and 5% starch. Our body easily assimilates sucrose, so eating ripe banana is an ideal way to get energy quickly. In addition to all the properties listed at the beginning of the post, this type of banana also produces antioxidants and is much more effective than green bananas to strengthen the immune system.

Krissia Coach recommends you eat this fruit when it is ripe, since it has more benefits for your body, and to take advantage of all its nutrients do not store in the refrigerator and once peeled the rapidly consume.

Therefore, this special add to your diet without any fear and fruit ... Say yes to being!

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