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Handpicked Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai

Yea. I am trying to be a vegetarian for some time. Found time to visit few restaurants in Dubai to try some different and authentic vegetarian delicacies. I am a hardcore non-veg eater but after visiting all these places I felt like I am falling in love with vegetarian food. Here comes my personal favourites.

1. Rasoi Ghar

A hidden gem! First impressions... It is packed! I do not exaggerate when I say that there were hoards of families just waiting and waiting for a table.

Good ambience and good food. It's a Thali concept restaurant with Gujarati and Rajasthani food. Reasonably priced at AED 45. Along with a wide variety of everything what you will love is the staff. Right from the hostess to the servers, they are all pleasant and love to feed you . So if you have a big appetite and do not have much time to waste . This place is a must try. They are all proactive and you will be done before you know it.

We started off with a glass of jaljeera followed by a platter of snacks! Which consisted of a cheese cutlet, a spicy Dhokla and Dahi Vada. We all left with a belly full and a craving for our beds!!

All in all - great place; great place... You will leave with satisfaction.

Visited this place for my friend's birthday dinner. We usually go to pasta and burger points but we decided to eat healthy this time. It was a wednesday and even though it was a weekday, the menu was wonderful. We got served with palak pakoda, masala dhokla and dal baati churma. Dal baati churma was out of the world.

Main course was delicious. My favourite were paneer rassawala and gatte ki subji. We were served with bakhri along with butter and gudh. A complete rajasthani touch.

Coming to the service, the waiters had a warm welcome and insisted on serving more. One of the waiters got us a bowl of shrikhand even though it was not a part of the menu. A very friendly staff i must say.

2. Chaat Bazaar

So after placing this particular chaat place on my bookmark for long, decided to visit on Thursday. Good food and service. The only downside being lack of seating. The inside seating cannot be called a seating as its just 3 teeny tiny tables with chairs and you get suffocated after a point. 

The outside tables and chairs are too out in the open with people walking up and down and staring at your food. The saving grace was definitely the food. The pani puri was wow. Lovely, crispy, fresh puris with hot ragada and spicy cold pani, yummm and melt in the mouth. My kiddo had the sookha bhel which was perfection with the perfect spice and the little raw mango bits giving it the perfect amount of oomph. 

We were happy and decided to go in for the asli vada pav and the Amul butter pav bhaji. Both the dishes deserve a standing ovation. The masala tea was too sweet for my liking but as i said we did come out happy.

3. Vega by Puranmal

Puranmal is a household name amongst Indians in Dubai. Vega by Puranmal takes it up a notch with vegetarian fine dining. We ordered the dine in Thali, paneer Tikka Masala, Masala dosa and Dal Makhani with a roti basket. The taste of food was awesome and the quantity good enough. I particularly liked the ambience of the restaurant with very traditional interiors and old hindi music. Definitely a place which will be frequently visited by families.

A great mix of awesome Bur Dubai desi food with the awesome ambience of Jumeirah. Dosas are great, so is the chaat, and the Karak Chai. If you really want to indulge, you have to try their Grilled sandwiches. Just YUM. Service is ok not the best and that has more to do with them being short staffed rather than the attitude of the waiters. So I'm not complaining about that. They also have a valet parking service.

4. Woodlands Restaurant

Woodlands is one of the most amazing places for great south Indian food. Its a tiny restaurant located in Karama, it attracts a lot of people craving a great south Indian meal and it gets really busy on the weekends, they are known for authentic vegetarian food that consists of dosas, idlis and many other classic mouth watering south Indian dishes, when I visited them I had the Masala Dosa which was huge, lets just say that the quality and quantity speak volumes and the food is absolutely scrumptious. 

If you are looking for a hearty meal and are craving south Indian food this is the place to go to. Don't expect a five star reception or anything fancy, the place is quaint and it's hidden gem. The food is brilliant and after you finish you need to have a filter coffee as it's the icing on top of an already delicious cake. 

I recommend this place to all the vegetarians it's really great and definitely good for seconds and thirds! Great food. Only down side is the parking it's a bit hard to find parking but it's worth it.

5. Maharaja Bhog

Want to have a royal experience? Then this is the right place. The ambience, the staff, the food, the service; all gives you a royal feeling. We had been here on a friday afternoon. We had the thali and it had so many items and was unlimited. The dish names i dont remember but all I know is that they were tasty. 

They had an amazing dal, some curry made of curd, potato curry (little on the sweeter side, yet yummy!), something with paneer, two more curries, poori, rotis, raita, chutney,pickle and 3 types of sweet. The best was the dish made of papad. It was papad broken into small pieces,mixed with some spices and groundnuts. Amazing it was!!!

Best part of this royal treatment is t he way they make you wash your hands before and after the meal. 

6. Ottimo

Festive reasons lead me to this place since I had no option but to eat veg. I would say this is one of the very few excellent veg dining places where I wouldn't mind going again, considering such a hard core chicken lover foodie that I am.

The server was very welcoming.

We ordered 3 starters because of a colleague's recommendation ( who said I would be full with the starters). We ordered nachos el classico. This came with a salsa dip, guacamole and sour cream as a side dip. However, this did not have cheddar cheese on the nachos, instead had a cheesy sauce which was innovative and delicious. Cheese and jalapeno poppers were filled with a cheesy filling obviously, but the outer crust would be better if it was little crispier. 

None the less, wasn't bad. Milano wedges was my favorite of all the things that I ordered. Sadly, couldn't finish it. I would specially recommend it to all the cheese lovers, it was a mix of arabiatta and cheesy alfredo like sauce, the balance of this was magical.

7. Shree Gangour

This place is good for lip-smacking Chaats and quick bites. They have a huge variety of Bengali sweets and cakes available.

We started off with Pani puri, the puris were stuffed with spicy aloo masala, it was mouth-watering. Club Kachori was absolutely delicious; it consists of mini-puris served with aloo ki sabzi. Make sure you try this! Chinese Samosa was fresh especially, the outer layer was crispy and the inside filling consists of noodles and veggies, which tasted really good. I personally loved Jumbo Grill Sandwich, it had 2 layers of veggies and stuffed with cheese. It was huge and filling too!

Coming to sweets, their Lachha Rabdi with mini Jalebis is to die for.

Overall it’s a nice place to enjoy with your family and friends. The prices are affordable and quantity of the food is quite decent. However, they need to improve on their service.

8. Kamat

Another vegetarian gem discovered, thanks to the vegetarian Tuesdays. Read the reviews on Zomato and decided to give it a go. Clearly they know their food and the taste quite well.

Probably the only restaurant in Dubai that serves Aamras Puri, not fresh Aamras, but tasted awesome. Apart from Aamras, ordered Vada Pav and Andhra Masala Dosa, even these turned out be good. The only improvement would be to ask the servers to smile while serving or taking orders.

Highly recommend!

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