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Weekends with home chefs #1 - Dahara Malawaraarachchi

This week we are featuring Dahara Malawaraarachchi, a homemaker and mother of two adorable kids.

Dahara specialises in making custom designer cakes for all occasions including birthdays, weddings and other events. She also bakes cupcakes and a wide range of cookies to make any occasion more fun and colourful.

Here goes the interview: 

Introduce yourself – tell us a bit about you.

Dahara's Cakes & Bakes, a family owned and operated home based bakery, best-known for it’s anything-is-possible approach to baking. I specialise in Mucking Amazing designer cakes for all occasions, as well as a range of fun and bright cupcakes, petit fours, cookies and other yummies.

Where does your passion for cooking come from? 

I started a customer care career at age 21, right after leaving the school. I specialised in modern art & Interior design. I had a great passion for cooking After moving to Dubai I started a new career cooking, making cakes for family & friends. She fell in love with baking.

Where do you get your recipe inspiration from? 

Charles cakes angles, Ron Ben Israel & Martha Stuart.

Are there any cooking techniques, dishes or styles that particularly intimidate you and you have yet to try? 

No. I don't follow any specific techniques, but I always keep an eye for perfection and uniqueness.

Share your worst cooking nightmare. Any epic recipe failures? 

When I first made ganache for filling cakes it was always runny. But now I'm master of the ganache.

What’s the most adventurous dish you’ve ever eaten?

Still figuring out some :)

How did your cooking change your life? 

After fall in love with baking, it became part of my life.

What is your message to our readers, food lovers and aspiring chefs? 

Innovate, don’t imitate, and the more you give the more you’ll get.

Thank you Dahara, for sparing your precious time for Chilirush. We will come back with another interview with one of the best home chefs next week.

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