Towards building a passion in cooking.

Passion for cooking comes from my love for food. Cooking with desire, the aromas from a bustling kitchen all stem up from early memories, perhaps as far back as my childhood. Whether it was the warmth and comfort from my mum’s kitchen, that intoxicating smell of fresh food, or the sizzling sounds from a hot pan, it crept under our skin with a fire in our souls and created a craving in our hearts, that was here to linger on forever.

Cooking is love made visible.


Let fear not take over to make a mistake, encounter trials. Failure is inevitable in all that we do and cooking is no different

Being comfortable in the kitchen is the key to making this whole process work, but you do not have to be a super chef with fancy knives to prepare a wonderful meal. Ease out the cooking process down into its elements with basic cooking techniques combining simple recipes with different tastes and textures, tingling from the culinary culture to creativity coupled with variations, easy pots and pans, knives, a few basic techniques making you into an innovative, ingenious cook.

For the beginner in cooking don’t be afraid to follow the recipe and have a plan. Knowing where you’re going and how you’re getting there can help take away some of that fear and trepidation

Success in creativity with food can bring confidence and confidence can bring out the Chef in you.

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