Food as an aphrodisiac

The old adage states that you are what you eat. Of course, besides good food there are many other factors that make us up as full and healthy individuals able to give your body exactly what it needs. All we need good food, good sleep, proper breathing and fresh air, tranquility, physical activity and sex, the lack or poor quality of each of these things may directly affect the other, breaking entirely balance in our lives.

Any food you put into your body is used as fuel for our cells. The more quality food convert into energy, the more we increase our energy potential, which means better health, stronger immune disease and greater physical ability, including in terms of our sexual exploits.

Certain foods are aphrodisiacs proven, which means to increase our sexual desires and abilities.


Real chocolate made from pure cocoa and quality, is the king of aphrodisiacs. It increases the release of dopamine in the pleasure centers in the brain and makes us euphoric, happy and attractive. Pure cocoa is a potent antioxidant, increases libido and of course, continues to be the preferred food as a prelude to the passionate experience and sexual sweetness.


Because of its shape bananas have always been associated with sexuality. They are also one of the best foods that man can eat at all. Bananas are the perfect combination of carbohydrates and proteins that keep us always in a high energy level. Bananas can bring real enjoyment, they are potent antioxidants and rich in vitamins from group B, potassium, magnesium, and the enzyme bromelain, which increases libido. Bananas are one of the most powerful means of increasing the level of testosterone in men, and anthropological research has shown that most sperm quality and fertility have indigenous tribes people whose main diet namely bananas.


As bananas increased and testosterone are one of the best aphrodisiacs for men almonds are one of the best foods for female fertility and sexuality. The aroma of almonds is considered odor that enhances female passion, and high concentration of vitamin E, magnesium, protein and fiber in almonds make them not only a great aphrodisiac but healthy food for feminine beauty.


Superfood of the Incas of Peru and Bolivia can now be easily found in Bulgaria. Maca root is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs known to mankind and increases the potency of both men and women. Maca is one of the best natural products against anemia and anemia, increasing vitality of the body and increases the flow of oxygen in the blood. Maca root increases physical strength and endurance, as in sex and other intense physical activity.


As bananas and avocados is associated with sexuality since the dawn of civilization. The Aztecs called it ahuakuatl, ie "Tree testicular". Indeed, pairs avocados hanging in the trees like some testicles. In medieval Spanish Inquisition even forbids fetus because it seems too vulgar for radical theologians who have sent people to the stake. We now know that the avocado is an extremely powerful antioxidant and increases male potency and sperm quality, is rich in folic acid, vitamin B6 and potassium.

Other foods that enhance the potency and libido are carrots, pumpkin, spices such as basil, parsley and others. Consumption of all these natural aphrodisiacs, however, may not bring the desired results if you do not follow a balanced diet, which they can obtain such necessary carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins, particularly important for good sexual function vitamins A, C and E . As we said in the beginning, good sleep, physical tone and standing in the sun (an important factor for obtaining vitamin D), also have their impact on sexuality.


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