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Top 6 Exotic Foods You Must Try Once in Your Life

When it comes to yummy exotic food, we think of the classics: eating a poutine in a Montreal restaurant, chowing down on green curry in Thailand, butter chicken in India and so on. But international cuisine is full of delicious dishes that you might not know about yet. ES guest Caroline Simpson joins us for a look at the top 6 exotic foods you must try once in your life.

1. Aligot, France

Granted, this may not be the finest of French dishes. But in the “comfort food” category, aligot scores major points. Those who dig cheese are going to love this one: Melted fresh “Tomme” cheese (some kind of super fresh cheddar), potatoes, cream, butter, garlic… this thick and gooey cheese paste is simply delicious. (Photo: Tavallai)

2. Kobe Beef, Japan

This world famous Japanese delicacy is a definite must-try… if you can afford it! A portion of this fancy treat can cost up to $300,00. Kobe beef is made from Tajima cattle, raised in very strict and meticulous conditions in the Hyogo prefecture in Japan. The sophisticated lifestyle of these animals includes a diet of apples and beer, regular massages as well as sake-infused brushing sessions. All of this care result in an incomparable buttery and tender meat. (Photo: Maarten1979)

3. Rendang, Indonesia

This Indonesian dish might not look very good, but do not be fooled: It might just be the most delicious, juicy, tender, tasty and yummy slow-cooked beef dish you’ll ever try. Fine pieces of beef cooked in a mix of coconut milk, lemongrass, chilies, garlic, shallots, turmeric leaves and more for hours on end… The result? Meet that’ll melt in your mouth and an explosion of flavors. (Photo:Goodiesfirst)

4. Tumbarranchos, Venezuela

This messy looking Venezuelan dish is some kind of variation of a hamburger. Mortadella, cheese, vegetables, various spicy sauces squeezed between two fried arepas, a.k.a Venezuelan corn breads. Yum.

5. Deep-Fried Mars Bar, Scotland

People with high cholesterol should stay away from this one. Invented in the fish and chips shops of northern Scotland, a deep-fried Mars bar is exactly as its name suggests: A Mars chocolate bar dipped in batter and deep-fried until crispy on the outside, soft and melting on the inside. Needless to say, this isn’t a healthy dish… But, my gosh, is it ever delicious! (Photo: Christian Cable)

6. Fugu, Japan

Japanese cuisine made it twice in this top 6, and it deserves it. Fugu is equally famous as Kobe beef, but not for the same reason. This fish has a deadly reputation: When not prepared properly, it can kill the one who eats it in seconds. Fugu fish contains poisonous tetrodotoxin in its organs and has to be sliced in a very precise way. But apparently, the risk is worth taking, for the fish’s flesh is indescribably delicious. (Photo: Zordor)

Caroline Simpson is a writer, a translator and a travel addict who’s always looking for ways to make life easier. She works as a freelance blogger for Tourism Montreal.


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